the photographer

I'm Amy, welcome to Amy Ross Studio Photography. I'm so glad you've found me! I was born and raised in the Plymouth Canton area. I love the surroundings here and think that the four distinct seasons and natural beauty that we enjoy in Michigan make it a great state to raise a family and be a photographer! I have a terrific husband and two wonderful children. Watching my kids grow from tiny babies into thriving school aged kids seemingly overnight has been absolutely captivating to me. I find every stage of life to be precious and fleeting and have been highly motivated to capture our lives through photography. As my skills have grown, so has my passion, and my camera! I founded my studio in April 2012 when I made a decision to step away from my career in business to focus on my family and my dream of creating fresh, modern, creative images that families will treasure for years to come. 

the experience

My studio is located in the heart of charming Downtown Plymouth on the second floor of the historic Conner Building overlooking Kellogg Park. New parents who bring newborns for a session particularly appreciate the clean and unrushed setting that I provide including a perfect, private space to feed and soothe the baby. I have invested in premium high quality backdrops, fabrics, and props in order to create a look and feel that suits your individual taste. I will work with you in advance of your appointment to plan and style your session. I make it a point never to schedule sessions back to back, so if things take a bit longer than expected there is no pressure. Finally, I'm a Mom and no matter your child's mood or personality in front of the camera, I understand! I pride myself on creating a fun experience at every session and creating images that truly capture your family. 

Now booking at my new studio location in Downtown Plymouth!

the inspiration

I am a third generation photographer. My Grandfather was a photographer by trade who brought his young family to Detroit in the 1950s to find photography work in the auto industry. He passed away long before I was born. Looking at his work has often left me in awe of how photography connects past generations to future ones within a family. My Dad enjoyed photography as a hobby, particularly when traveling abroad and experiencing new places and people. He took these images as a young Marine in Vietnam in the late 1960s. He told me that the children in the small villages there at that time would flock to cameras and loved being photographed because they believed it would make them live forever. In a way, I think they were right! These are the concepts that bring meaning to photography for me.